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We’re a team of academics studying the working conditions of the videogame industry, focused on work/life balance, equity, compensation & representation. We’re gathering conversations and data to track these issues over time. It’s important to move this discussion beyond personal stories, disconnected from each other.

In 2009, the International Game Developer’s Association launched their Quality of Life survey, five years after the original 2004 survey.  We’ve worked alongside volunteers from the industry to help release this valuable data.  In addition, we have prepared a complete report with analysis and interpretation to build on the data released by the IGDA Quality of Life SIG.

Highlights of the 2009 report

Along with your help, we’d like to make this a tradition - a comprehensive survey of Quality of Life in the Videogame Industry launched every five years to show how it’s changing. We need your help to spread this 2009 report and ensure we gather enough participants to make the upcoming 2014 survey even more relevant for you.


Academic Team

Marie-Josée Legault Marie-Josée Legault has taught labour relations at Téluq (Université du Québec) since 1991, where she is also responsible for a program in labour relations. She is also associate professor in Laval Faculty of Law and UQAM [...]
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Johanna Weststar Johanna Weststar is a professor of industrial relations and human resources in the DAN Program in Management and Organizational Studies at the University of Western Ontario. Johanna’s primary area of research is [...]
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